Libyans play with our lives. Some can come saying they will hire you but truly they’re going to robe you, kidnap you for ransoming or kill you……

Source : BURKINA FASO-Migration: 227 migrants are back from Libya.


Canadians residing in Burkina Faso celebrated on June the 27th the 150 anniversary of their country. They gathered as one at the Embassy to commemorate together this special day of their nation. Friends of Canada were also invited to join the celebration. Burkina and Canada tied a very close friendship for 55 years now. Canada is funding many development project in Burkina Faso in many fields such as education, health, good governance and so on. The country contributes also to the implementation of the PNDES the National Plan for Economic and Social Growth of Burkina.

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It is 6.35 PM at Kossyam the presidential palace, the muezzin is calling the prayer. It is time to break the fast. Muslims, Catholics and evangelists leaders and President Roch marc Christian Kabore gathered to share the meal together. This meeting of different religious communities is an initiative of Kossyam personnel.

The communion of this evening here at Kossyam shows clearly the kind of Burkina Faso we Muslims in communion with all the other believers want today, tomorrow and forever for our current and future generation. Mr. President Thank you for having accepted to share with us in family. It is something that is very new in our country starting from Upper Volta to Burkina Faso. Said the Muslims’ community spokesman.

Roch Marc Christian Kabore mentioned the happiness of sharing with the Muslim community before wishing to receive all the blessings. President Kabore magnified also the inter-religious dialogue and recalled the imperial necessity of social cohesion in Burkina Faso.

I am very happy to break the fast with muslims but also I am happy to notice the presence of his eminency the cardinal Ouedraogo and Pastor Samuel Yameogo. And this is a witness that the inter-religious dialogue is a reality in Burkina Faso. It is a reality and the cardinal just quoted it. At the highest level of our religious communities, leaders are meeting, discussing on issues. As I use to say in Burkina Faso either we are Muslim or catholic, protestant nor believer of a traditional religion we met every day together for happy and sad events. I would like to congratulate this general availability and the mutual respect of our respective religions. I think that this is an important asset for us. Said Rock Marc Christian Kabore.

The President of Faso also congratulated the work done by Muslims’ community to fight against religious intolerance. Roc March Christian Kabore calls the community to keep on doing this work because for him Burkina Faso will be built only if real fraternity reigns over different religious communities.

After the release of the counter-expertise of the DNA of Thomas Sankara, we met the lawyer Benewende Sankara. He is also the president of UNIR\PS a party promoting Sankara’s ideology and the vice-president of the National Assembly of Burkina Faso.

The counter-expertise of Thomas Sankara DNA required by the late captain’s heirs and 11 other families has finally delivered its results. This 2nd result is without any big surprise and is confirming strongly the first DNA expertise done in laboratory in Marseille France republic on May 2015. Why a counter-expertise then?

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