The international running competition called Altitude Nahouri has unvailed the 2017 champion. His name is Konbaté Mopahii from Togo. He ran the semi marathon of 21 kilometers and climbed the mount of Nahouri reaching the peak in 1 hour and 18 minutes.

The victory of Konbate Mopahii was a big surprise because many tipsters bet in the victory of the young Ethiopian Miliam Guetou.The winner of this competition won 1000$. More than 400 professional racers from worldwide took part to this 2017 Altitude Nahouri running competition.  Among those professional racers were some atypical racers namely the minister of culture TAHIROU Barry, the Ambassador of United States to Burkina Andrew Young and his staff. The champion Konbaté Mopahii said that he took 5 years to prepare this competition. As we say in Burkina, slow and steady wins the race. Next year Altitude Nahouri is going to celebrate its tenth anniversary.

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