After the choppers Taiwan is back again hands full of gifts for Burkina armed forces. Gifts estimated closely to 260 millions local currency so about 400,000 euros. This donation is composed of bulletproof vests and 500 ballistic helmets. Here the ambassador of Taiwan Shen cheng Hong is giving the bulletproof jacket and helmet to Pale Naba Theodor the deputy chief of army staff.


We’ll continue to do our best to support our friends to guarantee the security of Burkina citizens. The military cooperation is one of the most important aspect our friendship. For years now we’ve been doing many things here. We’ve build a shooting range and we are working on a simulator for soldiers in order to train them in shooting. Said the ambassador of Taiwan

For the military hierarchy this gift will comfort as never their relationship and for sure will help the army in its mission of securing and defending Burkina Faso population.

Bulletproof jackets and ballistic helmets which official donation gathered us here in this ceremony come in right moment and will fill up an accurate need of those equipment and by the same time, they will constitute an effective advantage for our men in the pitiless war against the enemies of our common values that are freedom and democracy. Said Pale Naba Theodor deputy chief of army staff.

The military hierarchy thanked Twaiwan for this inestimable donation. Pale Naba Theodor speaking in the name of army assured donors that the equipment will be properly used.


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