3 heads of states one goal: Stop desertification and drought in Africa. President Kabore from Burkina, Ibrahim Boubacar Keita from Mali and Mahamadou Issoufou from Niger standing together with the purpose of overcoming desertification during the celebration of the international day against desertification and drought. In the international meeting room of Ouaga 2000 it wasn’t time for awareness but for action. After many hours of work time is up for the African experts in environment to launch an appeal from Ouagadougou.

Being aware that investments in the rehabilitation of soils, the reinforcement of the access to fields, loans and development of entrepreneurial competences are ultimate for ameliorating the status, the dignity and the profit of workers. We call the international community to promote partnership in order to rehabilitate 10 millions hectares of degraded soils and create 2 millions jobs linked to the sustainable exploitation of soils for young people, women and households by 2020. Said Nestor Batio Bassier minister in charge environment and climate change issues.

And achieve it the continent can rely on UN and Nepad, which have experiences on those issues. But before that African countries must agree to open lands for young people who want to invest in that sector.

Nepad develops programs and projects, which are integrated taking into account at the same time the degradation of soils and their rehabilitation. The organisation also runs but some projects related to gender. Said the representative of Nepad

At the level of UN we are working to empower young people and for that the international community must save funds to support it. Said the UN executive secretary in charge of the fight against desertification and droughts.



Roch march Christian Kabore also has the vision. And to succeed in this mission everybody should invest himself according the 3 heads of states.

Fighting against desertification and droughts is assuring the future of humanity. It is a common responsibility that is why international cooperation should be effective. Particularly we should develop integrated green technologies and share knowledge to promote and spread the good practices of sustainable management of lands. Above those technologies, we also and mostly need innovating financing at the international, regional and national level. Said president Kabore.

In addition to the appeal of Ouagadougou, the minister of environment and the executive secretary of the convention on the fight against desertification and droughts signed a convention. The heads of states also took the engagement to promote regional and international partnership in the investment for the rehabilitation and the sustainable management of lands.





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