Terrorists and other criminals will not surely like this toy: a chopper. By giving a prototype of helicopter to the minister of defense Taiwan is donating 2 real and big size military choppers to Burkina Faso air force. After small checking the minister tested the helicopters by an inaugural flight.


From now on, the 2 choppers belong to Burkina Faso army. But before that we will train specialists for the helicopters maintenance. And after that Burkina technicians will exclusively do the maintenance. Said Shen Hen Hong ambassador of Taiwan to Burkina Faso.

These choppers made in US can take each one 3-machine gun or 14 people 7 stretchers or a load of 2 tones in a speed of 230 km/hours for a maximal distance of 330KM. They can be used both for humanitarian actions and either security needs.

These choppers are very good for inside infiltration missions. And we are going to weaponize them we’ll use them for fight against terrorists intervening in the battlefield, running after terrorists and intercepting them; these choppers will be made for that. Said the commander of Burkina Air force.

Those helicopters come in the right moment and reinforce Burkina Faso air force equipment.

Regarding our context, these 2 choppers will reinforce our capacities in our fight against terrorism in the northern part of the country. Said the minister of defense and in charge of veterans.

The Taiwanese air force commander was at this official ceremony of gift with a delegation. Both Taiwanese and Burkinabè grabbed the opportunity to talk about their cooperation and enhance it.


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