The photo of her naked in the middle of crowd and being beaten has travelled world wide through Facebook and other social networks. This woman name is Adjaratou Diessongo a singer most known under the nickname Adja Divine. She is being molested by raged population who allegedly accused her for having abducted 1, 2, 3, even 5 kids.

Interrogated by our reporter, the policeman refused to talk about the on going molestation. But some molesters have something to cover their shame.

She stole children. She already abducted 4 and came to take another one. This happened at Nagrin.

We cannot run after someone without evidence, those things happen to people. We did not see but we ran after her starting from Nagrin to here. But if she was not guilty she could have stopped to give explanation. Said those men without stating clearly evidences. They were just lying and liars.


Here she is struggling to stay alive in the middle of people who are pounding her. When firemen were alerted it was very difficult for them to get to this victim of the popular prosecution. Finally she was saved but after investigation she was found innocent. More astonishing, she is an artist and a mother a 6 months old child. A day after, this awful and free violence perpetrated by population against an innocent person she went out of her silence and stated the truth about what really happened that day.

I gave birth in a very difficult condition, it was by surgeon and since then I was recovering at home. Due to this my car insurance expired because I was not going outside. My child was also sick and has been admitted to a hospital yesterday. When I went home I noticed that her cereal porridge was over and I decided to drive to the shop to find some. Nobody else was home to send so I drove to the shop. In my way to the shop I saw policemen checking drivers and turned left to leave the road and take a small way to avoid them. In my way back to home I did the same but they saw me. 2 policemen started running after me. Minutes after, I saw 2 young men and then after many with the 2 cops and they were still running after me. Seeing that I stopped and the policemen rushed on me ordering to knee and put my hand in my head. What I did, they asked me my car papers and one the policemen said that they should go now because they had the car document another one said no way he is going to take me to the police station. Then, he jumped in my car and few minutes later populations were lapidating us, throwing us what they have or found. Some were armed with machetes and knives crying out that I am thief and I stole a baby. When the policeman saw in what situation he put me, he told me to drive as faster I could to reach Bogodogo police station. I drove as fast I could but finally we were stuck in a traffic jam and population took me out of the car and molested me. Said Adjaratou Diessongo alias adja Divine

Adja Divine is publically beaten, humiliated and defamed. She has been seriously wounded and is not ready to forget it. She is accusing the policemen for having created that such humiliating situation.

What policemen did is not legal, it is normal that they run after me, I am not a thief or a wrongdoer, if I took another way to avoid you it is because I am afraid and I know that I am not fitting the condition to drive with an expired car insurance but with that they can and aggressed me. I am not accusing the population but the policemen. Said Adjaratou Diessongo alias adja Divine

Adja Divine has introduced a request to prosecute the 2 policemen. She is appealing the government to stand against this violence and stop it. Yesterday friday, artists, women and men organized a silent march to protest against this public molestation and call the government to action in order to avoid self justice that is being more and more spread and common.





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