The heavy rain that felt yesterday noon revived the spectrum of the big flood of September 2009 in the memories of Ouagadougou citizens. In fact according to the meteorologist about 97 mm of rainwater has been measured by Ouagadougou airport station.

These schoolboys and teachers will not forget that day for soon. The flood of rain was so that this school got flooded and teachers and pupils were obliged to evacuate the rainwater before starting the class.

Since this morning we found rainwaters at our school doors, this building was flooded and we had water in all the classes. Schoolboys and girls evacuated the rainwater by hands and now they are all wet. Currently we don’t know what to do. Should we tell them to go home or stay till the end of the day? Said this school teacher.

With this rain many people were recollecting the nightmare day of September the 1st 2009. Those men are fighting under the rain to save their moped. The flood submerged many avenues and boulevards provoking traffic jams like this one.

This situation was not only observable in the street or roads. Here, rainwaters swallowed up trades and houses. For the time being there not yet an official assessment of this flood but something is noticeable indeed, damages are very important. And many people are getting scary by the next rain. Scary or not this rain is telling us that we should all be prepared because it is just the beginning of the raining season.


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