Bronx, USA May the 2nd, the man down here in this picture is Souleymane Porgo a citizen of Burkina Faso. He is a victim of an aggression perpetrated by gang members. This felony occurred when someone part of this gang tried to rob a bag of the street vendor Souleymane Porgo who ran after the thief and got his merchandise back. Following it, the thief called his gang for a vendetta.

The violence of this felony did not leave any chance of escaping to this Burkinabe who is a legal immigrant and who resides in USA more than 20 years now. Currently, he is a critical condition between life and death, fighting for surviving. The perpetrators clearly identified are still running but New York policemen are running after them. 2 persons black and Latin American are identified and sought by policemen. The detective is calling people to tell on those suspects for the investigation.

The burkinabe community in new york and all over the country is waiting impatiently to know to truth about this case and mostly to see the perpetrators punished by the law. But before it, Ben Gaston Sawadogo is calling upon burkinabe to watch out their back and be careful around them in order to avoid such unlucky situation.

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