For the first time 3 military forces from 3 different countries are joining their strength to strike the terrorists’ positions located at Mali and Burkina Faso borders. This special operation is name Panga in a local language of Burkina meaning strength in English. Burkina and Mali armies supported by Barkhane forces were engaged in this odyssey against terrorists. This tripartite operation Panga is conceived to trap and take alive if possible terrorists and criminals who are squatting at the borders. Burkina army engaged 3 military companies strong of 580 men spread among companies Lion, Tiger and Touba. Those men got the support of an additional force from GFAT the anti-terrorists forces grouping based at Djibo and Nassoumbou.

The updated number of people arrested is now at about 200 some of them have been freed and some are still in captivity. The representative of the Malian army chief of staff said he is very satisfied with Panga.

This kind of operation gives assurance to people located at both sides of the borders. And it shows that we are able to mutualize our efforts, means and results. Said the colonel-major Abdoulaye Coulibaly.

If the results are very interesting according the operations commanders, however the servicemen on duty have faced many difficulties.

Burkina, Mali and Barkhane forces are calling population to be their own security actors by collaborating with them. For them it is only by collaborating with the armed forces that terrorism and terrorists will be defeated.


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