The African cotton sector is looking for a better future. After many years, the sector is still at the crossroad. And the 22nd and last meeting of the African cotton specialists called cos-cotton purpose is to exchange in how to grow and bring more value added to it. For Prime Minister Paul KABA THIEBA, who opened the ceremony of this international meeting, African countries have to see cotton as a motor of economic growth. And for that he asked for more political engagement in this sector. The part of the African production talking about cotton processed in Africa is estimated at least than 5%. This not acceptable and it shows very well that many years after the independence we still have a lot to do to catch up the time we lost. Said Prime Minister Paul Kaba Thieba.

Even with this weak rate of processing, cotton is still a very important source of incomes for African economies. For some the causes of this small rate of processing can be easily explained. And for them it is mainly due to the political instability and the weakness of the local trade.

 In Burkina Faso more than 149 millions Euro have been shared among cotton producers during this agricultural season. Something showing that cotton can be used to tackle poverty issues. And to take up the challenges of processing African cotton in Africa, and for the real take off of this sector, African countries need to grow to local market according Arthur Anesu Nyamkupa a trade councilor.

The EU program supporting the growth of African cotton is coming to the end. This program was implemented since 2004 in the framework of the cotton sector support in ACP countries. During, this 22nd meeting, specialists are going to negotiated a new program in order to continue to support this profitable resource in Africa.


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