weapons used to perpetrate the mass killing attack  on Splendid hotel and Cappuchino were dissimulated in a truck tyres from Djibo to Ouagadougou.

The logistics  was coordinated by a former refugee of the refugees’ camp of Mentao located in the North of Burkina. Mimi Ould Baba Ould Cheich, agreed to take part to the gloomy purpose of Alqaïda in Magreb with the promise made by the Aqmi emir of Sahara Abou Yahiya of earning 10 millions Fcfa about 16000 Euros once the attack was perpetrated. Mimi Ould Baba Ould Cheich convoyed the weapons with the support of Ibrahim Ould Mohammed in return of 1,5million FCFA. Ibrahim Ould Mohammed crossed the borders of Burkina with the weapons on January the 5th 2015 said the  colonel Ouédraogo. Mimi Ould Baba Ould Cheich joined him later on January the 9th with the 3 killers in a black sedan matriculated in Togo. they reached Ouagadougu by crossing Djibo nothern Burkina. The chief of operation Mimi Ould Baba Cheich Mohamed was arrested on January 2017 in Mali. The logistics officer Ibrahim Ould Mohamed involved also in the mass killing of Grand Bassam Cote d’ivoire was arrested in Mali in 2016. The sponsor Mohamed Ould Nouiny alias El Hassan from Al Mourabitoun deputy of Moctar Belmoctar is actively wanted. The intendant of the attack, Abderahmane man of trust of Mohamed ould Nouiny is actively wanted too. The financial sponsor of cappuchino and splendid hotel attack is Yahiya Abou El Hammam emir of Aqmi in Sahara. Sawadogo Maliki and Tiemtoré Nayabtenga alias Gourma were arrested for having rented a house to terrorists.

From 2015 to 2016 more than 20 terrorist attacks or aggressions similar to terrorism were perpetrated against the armed forces, civilians in Burkina Faso. More than 70 people were killed during those attacks. The starting point of this serial and mass killing occurred on April the 4th 2015 with the attack on a gendarmerie patrol and the kidnapping of a Romanian at Tembao. Currently, more than 70 suspects involved in the terrorist attacks and threats against Burkina Faso have been arrested. The Justice has started its job to prosecute them. Among suspect people, 2 former refugees of Mentao refugee camp are strongly involved in the terrorist attack on Cappuchino and splendid hotel. Since then, many actions have been undertaken to tackle and eliminate the threats and aggressors. Results of those operations in the Sahel region are noticeable for example one of the banks that has suspended its activities in this region has reopened yesterday according to the minister of security.

This press conference was really awaited by journalists. All the views and preoccupations of the 4th estate were focused on the ongoing military operation at the northern part of Burkina exactly at the province of Soum. For The first responsible of the security, it is not time yet to talk about that. Operations are still going on and the forces are crisscrossing this province looking for suspects.

I will be very short about it because when you planned a strategy it is obvious that you’ll not talk about that. We invite you to come and pay a look on what we’re doing on the ground.That is what  the minister of security said to journalists.

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