Harouna Dicko has been neutralized and 18 people of his terrorist unit have been captured at Petega. This vigorous action of the national armed forces of Burkina Faso is following an attack perpetrated on a gendarmerie mobile unit at Petega in the extreme north of Burkina Faso. Harouna Dicko is one of the harm of Ansaroul islam of Malam Dicko. Furthermore, this one is connected directly with the public enemy number one of Burkina that is Malam Dicko. Some say he is his in-law and for others Harouna Dicko is one of Malam Brother or cousin. Sweep operation is still going on in this location. And for army any place will be left uncombed. According to new release about 70 presumed terrorists have been set in custody and the masterminds of the attacks are wanted by all the security forces of Burkina Faso.

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