The rebranding is done. Started almost one year ago, the process of changing the name Airtel to Orange Burkina has been successfully completed. And this press conference organized by the staff of Orange Company coming from France, Cote d’ivoire and of course from Burkina announces and confirms this rebranding.

From Celtel to Orange going through Zain and Airtel, that is the forth time, that this company changed a name and operator. For Ben Cheik HAIDARA CEO at Orange Burkina, Orange Burkina is here to stay and for long time.

Many costumers were complaining about the Internet service of Airtel. For Bruno Mettling deputy chief executive officer of Orange, things are going to be different because Orange Burkina came with a new spirit.

The acquisition price of Airtel has not been unveiled during this press conference. For Bruno Mettling this is part of the business secrets. However, orange Burkina wants to invest more than 32 millions Euro of which 1/3 in fiber optic. Concerning jobs, insurance has been given to journalists that nobody will lose his job and even better from 260 employees before the rebranding process, orange now has 263 employees.

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