Burkina Faso has its Ben Laden, his name is Malam Ibrahim Dicko. He is the one who is terrifying the north of Burkina Faso. Malam Ibrahim Dicko is from this region  and preached a radical islam before fleeing to Mali.  Once there, he created his group  called Ansaroul Islam. Ansaroul Islam claimed many attacks on armed forces positions. The latest one occured during the night of wednesday the 27th to the 28th. Ansaroul Islam attacked and set fire to Tongomayel and Baraboule police stations. Hopefully, none was killed during this countless time attack but a woman was wounded. The terrorists  stole motorcycles, computers and burnt some at those police stations and in their will to defy armed forces the terrorist group Ansaroul Islam signed their name where they perpetrated these attacks. After striking the armed forces position they headed straight to Mali. Army is still patrolling the area to find their position. We still have in memory this deadly attack which killed 12 soldiers at Nassoumbou in the same geographical area. This attack was claimed by Malam Dicko a native of this same area. He wants to install a kingdom of Macina. By these attacks, Malam Dicko declared officially war to his own country. He is now the public enemy number one of Burkina Faso.

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