Ouagadougou airport. The plane carrying the first cohort of the battalion named Badenya 4 meaning friendship in English has just landed. Passengers are getting out wearing blue-sky hats and the UN emblem at their shoulders. They’re all coming back from northern Mali where they spent a year at Tombouctou in peacekeeping mission. They are all happy to come back safe.

I am very happy to be back to my sweet home. Everything went well in the mission field but for more details, join the hierarchy. Said a captain.

According to information got on the ground, all the men of Badenya 4 are safe and in good shape. Those who landed say they are ready and motivated to share their experiences got on the field.

I have learnt a lot on the field at Tombouctou. I am ready to use the knowledge I acquired on the ground for my country. Said a lady lieutenant.

In total 850 militaries of Badenya 4 will come back home and the last flight is awaited on February the 1st 2017. While Badenya 4 is making their coming back Badenya 5 is ready to take off for Tombouctou northern Mali to continue the job.


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