The caporal Madi Ouedraogo, sergent Mahamadi Zalle and the marabou have been convicted to 15 years of jail during a 10 ten days trial. The trial of the 27 former RSP members and 2 civilians suspected for having plotted an attack against the military prison and many other institutions is going from surprise to surprise. The unbelievable surprise occurred when Madi Ouedraogo the alleged master brain of this plot is called to tell the story on what really happen. At the box, Madi Ouedraogo refuted to acknowledge the sack containing the weapon that is AK47 and war ammunitions that was given to one of the associate who buried it at his turn. The incredible declaration of this trial was when Madi Ouedraogo said that all this situation and this current trial has been intentionally plotted by the former Prime Minister General Yacouba Isaac ZIDA because he refused to execute an order of the former prime minister who wanted to establish a new revolution but for this purpose many military and political personality had to disappear of which generals Gilbert Diendere and Djibril Bassolet and Salif Diallo current president of the national Assembly. He also added that the former chief executive of the army staff was informed of this gloomy purpose. These declarations have been qualified as dilatory assertions by the prosecutor who assured the accuracy of the different conclusion of the investigations conducted by the judiciary police officers. Solicitors asked to audition the generals but this request has been simply rejected by the tribunal that esteems that they are not compulsory for the manifestation of the truth. The judges have heard the 2 civilians during this trial. One is a motorcycle driver and the other is a marabou, who was supposed to arrange mystically the plot for the plotters. If they are found guilty the former RSP members and the civilians could be sentenced to life imprisonment or to death penalty for the former servicemen.

For the time being the trial has been postponed for Monday, January the 16th 2017. We are on Monday, the trial has resumed and continued till Wednesday night. on Wednesday night caporal Madi Ouedraogo, sergent Mahamadi Zalle and the marabou have been convicted to 15 years of jail.


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