The wrecks of pick-up trucks and  armored vehicle  that is what remains in the battlefield after the departure of terrorists. The assault  launched by terrorists on the military barracks of Nassounbou a village located at the Sahel region of Burkina Faso was so fierce. It made some heavy casualties: 12 brave soldiers were lost and 4 were wounded during this savage killing.

This nonesuch massacre perpetrated by a group of terrorists coming from Mali republic put in deep sorrow and consternation all the country. President Roch Marc Christian KABORE who is also the minister of defence cancelled his trip to Abuja and went on the battlefield to galvanize the forces.

We have seen the savageness of this attack and also the dead-bodies of our soldiers. For me as minister of defence and in charge of veterans, it is a duty to be here on the ground in order to take a look on the damage and mainly to strengthen the will of our men who fight everyday to securing our country despite the difficulties they are facing. Said Roch March Christian Kabore

Roch Marc Christian Kabore also mentioned that he is aware that the army is facing some difficulties in the operation field of this part of the country that is why he is thankful to the commitment of the servicemen to protect their homeland. He also announced that the State is going to do the best to improve the working and living conditions of the armed forces namely by providing them an aircraft support.

I am inviting our troops to be very cautious and vigilante. I am also calling for the collaboration of our population in giving information to army something that can help to prevent such situation. Said Roch March Christian Kabore

This will not weaken our democracy nor break our will to defeat terrorism said President Kabore at Nassoumbou and for that people from inside or living at the borders must be committed in this fight.

This assault was launched by about 40-armed individuals. Aggressors were transported by trucks and motorcycles and they were heavily armed according to the minister in charge of security interviewed during the 8 Pm news session. Policemen, gendarmes and soldiers composed this military detachment posted at Nassoumbou.

This civilian was awoken by the gunshots.

Around 5 in the morning, I heard a gunshot. As I already experienced this kind of situation at Koudougou, I knew that it was an on going attack. Then I step down from by bed and went to cast some glances at the window and I saw gunfire. Said this witness.

General Pingrnooma Zaagre assured that troops are posted all along the borders to prevent this sort of attack. In the afternoon the army was still patrolling to secure the area and look for the perpetrators.

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