Sweet potato an alternative way to fight poverty and hunger. At Diabo a district located Eastern Burkina is one the places where this tubercle is cultivated by a huge number of villagers. The production of potato is growing more and more and also the interest of people for this food.

2q According to the officer in charge of agriculture the land used for cultivating potato in 2010 has been multiplied 3 times so in 2015 more than 300 hectares are used for this speculation, which gives at the end of the harvest 3000 tones of sweet potatoes.

In this district, cultivating potatoes is one of villagers main source of incomes.

For this man, potatoes are very profitable, thanks to this activity he was able to build his house, to buy goats, cows and pay for his children’ school fees. However, this speculation is facing many difficulties related to slowness of the market and also problem of storage.

This woman said that last year their harvested more than 20 sacks of sweet potatoes but due to the problem of storage she lost a good number of her crops. For this man, within 20 days starting from the harvest if he doesn’t sell he is going to lose a part of his work due to the heat. And in addition to this weather factor are some other related to parasites and worms destroying the leaves and plants of potatoes.

In order to fix problems related to worms and parasites attacks a study is run to quickly give answer to this issue. And according to the technician, the solution is to move to improved seeds of potatoes.


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