This is the last speech of Blaise COMPAORE as President of Burkina Faso. We are on the 31st October 2014 sacked by the population,Blaise COMPAORE tried to steady himself in front of the demonstrators. In this speech Blaise COMPAORE decreed the state of emergency, sacked the government, but all those measures were vain. He was compelled to exile at the end. This is the denouement of a political fight, which began years ago.

June the 30th 2013 at the PLACE DE LA NATION of Ouagadougou,political oppositions gathered together for a specific goal : organize the first great meeting followed by a meeting procession to denounce and withhold by any mean the Constitutional revision as said by President COMPAORE day after the celebration of the independence day on December the 11th. Since that day meetings and processions are organized successively all over the country against the revision.


What pointed out from the meetings and processions, was this red card given to Blaise COMPAORE by the late HAMA ARBA DIALLO.

May,the 31st 2014 the 4 Août stadium is full to capacity, messages against the modification of the article 37 are delivered. One month later, Blaise COMPAORE partisans retaliated and once again the 4 Aout stadium is used, but this time for a yes to referendum and yes to the modification of the constitution. this meeting was named “recto-verso”. Since that day, Yes and No are in confrontation through meetings and processions mainly in Ouagadougou and Bobo Dioulasso. The pressure is getting higher and higher. The second half of the year become very warmed up. The trigger will come from the extraordinary cabinet meeting of April,the 21st 2014, the law measure allowing the revision of the constitution is debated. The Presidential term would move from 2years to 3 after the vote of MPs. Like a gun trigger,this decision trigged new demonstrations in the main Town and at Bobo Dioulasso till Thursday the 30th 2014 day of the vote. Very soon in the morning,the security forces posted all around the Parliament where the law bill was to pass,are surrounded by demonstrators. Teargas and hot water are useless face to the determinism of the youth of Burkina against that law measure. the atmosphere is warmed up and the worst is not avoided. 9’30 Am before the vote,the Parliament house surrendered, demonstrators devastated and set fire to the Parliament turning the hope of the Yes into ruin. The No defeated the Yes, the mass compelled Blaise COMPAORE to exit after 27years of being in charge. In one side the will of Blaise COMPAORE to modify the constitution to stay in charge and in the other side,the will of the mass to prevent this modification. The decision of the mass was made.



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