More than 550 billions local currency that is what Burkina government could have earned stemming from the exploitation of the mining resources. This is one of the releases of the parliamentary commission in charge of investigating the mining sector. The investigation put into light the huge fraud and corruption related to this sector from 2005 to 2015. A fraud and corruption organized and reinforced by the setting of shops in charge of buying and selling gold.

imgres And on the hundred and 5 shops convened for the investigation only 36 came for the inquiries of the parliamentary commission. The more troubling fact is that only 40 shops pay their taxes. More than 700 searching permits were delivered since 2005. Owners who are not specialized in searching gold are speculating with their permits. The company SOMIKA has been mentioned for illegal practices in the parliamentary investigation reports. This company owns 79 searching permits instead of 7 for moral persons and 3 for physical ones. The report also said that the mining sector suffered from the predation and entire monopoly of François Compaore, the younger brother of Blaise Compaore. He was ruling in absolute control of services and mining goods furnishing. This commission also evoked laws abiding the mining sector employment. For the commission many positioning enterprises are enslaving employees in exploiting them for a salary of misery while the mining companies paid them very well. The report revealed that laws abiding labour are not fitting with realities on the ground. About the company social responsibility, the government calls for more investments for the benefit of populations. This commission requested to prosecute Salif Lamoussa Kabore for corruption and for using his position in the litigation opposing Burkina government and the company Pan African Tambao. This company is the one that was in charge of Tambao manganese resource. The commission made some recommandations. And among those recommandations we can quote the coming back of the government monopoly in buying and selling gold, the creation of a mining patrimony, the sentence on companies that are regardless to environment and the suspension of the permits issuance from Juanry the 1st to the 31st in order to clean the sector and avoid wasting the country mining resources.





























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