A very big plot against Burkina Faso has just been avoided. That is the main message delivered here during this press conference. This conspiracy to destroy the government was revealed after weeks of investigation started with the arrest of former Presidential Security regiment members RSP on Saturday the 8th during a routine inspection. During this inspection conducted by gendarmerie forces, 4 individuals were arrested and they tried to take control of the gendarmes’ weapons. Then followed a fight in which 2 were killed and a gendarme was shot in his belly.

Investigations brought in daylight a tight connection with ex-RSP members. And among them, adjutant Gaston Coulibaly assisted by Sergent Kalifa Zerbo worked out to recruit about 30 former RSP members in order to perpetrate attempts on the government with clear targets.


Military training at Burkina’s border

Always according to the liminal declaration read by Simon COMPAORE State minister and minister in charge of security, the former RSP members wanted to launch attacks on the gendarmerie barracks of Ouagadougou, the army prison in order to free the prisoners. They planned to take in hostage many authorities and ultimately to attack Kossyam the presidential palace to overthrow the power. If these plots failed the alternative solution was to create a rebellion. And these evil military plots could have taken place on Saturday, October the 8th at midnight if the police forces did not stop the process. But today in the light of arrests related to this plot 32 servicemen have been inquired. 19 of them of which 10 were transferred and presented to the commissioner of Government, and 1 is a runaway namely adjutant Gaston Coulibaly.

10 civilians were heard by police forces and materials were seized of which one kalachnikov, and 6 loaded ammunitions loaders and a hundred of cartridges.

The State minister and minister in charge of security congratulated the courage and the abnegation of polices forces in eluding this plot. Furthermore, mentioned that investigations are still going on to find and arrest anybody who is close or far connected to this plot. Concerning the case related to the attack perpetrated at Intangom Sahel region some dispositions are taken to prevent such attacks. The military engineering is building military infrastructures there.

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