Intangom police forces barrack. Few hours before we report on it, the barrack was under fires of individuals not yet identified. Take a look on the bullets impact on the walls. This testifying how hard and fierce the battle was. This window rod is bent due to the impact of a rocket thrown by these evil people. You need to be strong before getting in the barrack. Inside, blood on the floor, 3 soldiers and 2 civilians were killed and 3 other servicemen are wounded during this awful attack. For to this officer, those who perpetrated this assault on the barrack are merely terrorists because when they launch attacks with the purpose of taking robbing vehicles and weapons it means that they are in a very well structured organization. Our chopper found the vehicle across the border in very well known site. So we know the guys that are livings there.

It is the 2nd time that this police barrack of Intangum is attacked in this year. We do recollect that on May the 31st unidentified people assaulted on this barrack killing police officers and since them army were posted there.

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