September the 16th 2015, black day for democracy in Burkina Faso. RSP broke into the presidential palace cabinet meeting room. A weekly cabinet meeting is disrupted. Few minutes later Heavy guns, machine guns were shooting everywhere in the capital city. Ministers were forced to quite quickly the presidential palace. This is the first time that this footage is released.  Ministers were rushing to get out from Kossyam but at the doors militaries standing at the doors with heavily weapons ordered them to go back. Embarrassed by this situation they decided definitely to walk in the yard of the palace looking for a place to shelter. They finally gathered to comfort themselves under the shade of this tree. Meanwhile worldwide eyes were gazing at Burkina. witness of my colleague who was sent there to cover the cabinet meeting.

President Michel Kafando and Prime Minister Yacouba Isaac Zida of the transitional government are kidnapped and transported to Naba Koom military camp. Few minutes later Rene Bagoro minister in charge of urbanisation and Augustin Loada of the civil service will join them.

Meantime in Ouagadougou streets many people are protesting against this coup. RSP forces got down the streets. The manhunt started. RSP used all their strength and weapons to intimidate and spread demonstrators. This situation has caused sorrows and mourning. Till that time nobody really knew the demands of the coup perpetrators. A day after, perpetrators showed up. Colonel BAMBA announced the dissolving of the transition government and a wide meeting under the leadership of RSP junta.

After this announcement, the identity of the strongman was now unveiled. General Gilbert Djendjenre assumed the coup and closed the borders and decreed a curfew. Since then, the retaliation of the crowd was launched and the nightmare of RSP soldiers started for a very very long week.




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