August the 27th was a very special day at Zorgho. This district located at about 100 km from Ouagadougou gazed all the attention of people. All the koglweogo fellows meet here with the main purpose of handing over officially all the weapons and equipment captured in the hands of robbers and other bad persons. By handing these materials to Simon Compaore State minister and minister in charge of Security, the koglweogo fellows want to prove one more again their will to collaborate with security forces in fighting against banditry. Cannabis, riffles, modern and traditional guns, cold weapons, 9 scooters, a bicycle and some other equipment are composing the kogleweogo’s take. For the minister Simon Compaore, Koglweogo fellows decided to walk according to the rule and laws of the republic. He calls them to be more cooperative and more disciplined and weaponless.

For Rassakam naba, patron in chief of Kogweogo fellows, being weaponless is something very difficult for them if they want to track down bandits. He is calling the government to help them with permits and tools in order to be efficient in their job. For them it is not obvious that they can stand weaponless in front of robbers who have weapons.

Simon Compaore and his government are figuring out to see how they can help them. Simon Compaore assures that his government will continue sensitization for weaponless koglweogo fellows in order to avoid mess.

But before that measures, the bandits hunt down will continue and all the bad persons are invited to leave to country of they’ll be tracked down.


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