The desert is not invincible, and the village of Djomga located in the middle of dunes in Sahel region is a very good token of this fight. Threatened by the moving hill of drifted sand in the past, today people of this village succeeded in making the dunes unmovable and are on the way to overcome the desert and this is thanks to reforestation. Thanks to this evidence, they motivated than never to wipe out the desert by planting spurge and shrubs.

For Hamado Hassan Maiga residing in the village, the reforestation helped them a lot because the village could have moved to another place if the dunes were not stopped. He also mentioned that now they are happy because grass is growing the hills of sand, which is meaning that they are now cultivable.

Another token of men’s commitment to struggle for survival by cutting the way to desert is found at Ouroudaka also in the Sahel region. In this village located at a dozen kilometres from Seytenga, the will of the villagers helped by the initiative the great green wall is creating a revolution, the green one. There 30 hectares have reforested and all the trees grew up some having closely 20 or 30 feets

Boniface TINDANO is a ranger. He has been appointed there for a while now, for him; there is no need to sensitize again people of this village because they are very aware of the benefit of planting trees. Now they take the initiatives by themselves something which very good. Now the village is looking for elsewhere to set up another forest there. showing to worldwide that, where there is a will there is way, and for the case of Ourodaka, the way to defeat desert and turn into green the desert.



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