His voice and and his face will certainly remain immortal for many people. Crossing the time, his voice is still whispering in ears like if it was yesterday. Carved in the rock, 29 years after his murdering, his reminders are till fresh in memories of many young people even if they didn’t know him when he was alive.


Many of those we met were born after his assassination. They are less than 30 or just 30 years old. But the patriotic actions of the father of the revolution are even today fascinating young people. Captain Sankara, President Sankara, the one who dared to change the name Upper Volta inherited from the colonizers to Burkina Faso the country of the Upright people.

From the man, many people admires his fighting spirit and his honesty and righteousness. And from the president his incorruptibility even in front of superpower leaders and also his fight for women emancipation. For the partisans of SANKARISM Thomas Sakara philosophy, the time stopped running, and the watch, its ticktock in year 1987. Exactly on October the 15th 1987, when he was coldly assassinated.

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