imgresCIFDHA, the international training center for human rights in Africa is for the complete abolition of death penalty in Burkina.

The center organised a press conference to state on their position and introduce at the same Time their new project.

Burkina Faso is part of the huge number of abolitionist countries. In 2015 CIFDHA recorded 3 sentences to death penalty in the criminal courts. Although this sentence is not carried to praxis, CIFDHA thinks that it is time to put a full stop to death penalty in Burkina. For Urbain Kiswendsida YAMEOGO President of CIFDHA, Burkina Faso is engaged in a moratorium on executions, and has sustained the adoption of the resolution 62/149 of the UN General Assembly, adopted in December 18th 2014, called “Moratorium on the application of death penalty” and the fact that this penalty is still in force in the legislation is contrary to the constitution.

CIFDHA and its partners of the national coalition against death penalty in Burkina are fully engaged in this project to renew the political momentum for the abolition of death penalty. They announced some actions of advocacy for the complete abolition of this sentence that they consider as dishonorable for human dignity. As activities, the center will organise some:

  • Training session for civil society organizations and journalists, for justice actors (judges, lawyers and prisons guards), for religious and traditional leaders, and for parliamentarians
  • Advocacy workshop
  • school competition on death penalty
  • Advocacy activities with decision makers and authorities
  • Outreach and public awareness activities with the diffusion of a TV show on Burkina Info entitled “The Chronicles of life”.


2 thoughts on “CIFDHA in campaign for the abolition of death penalty in Burkina Faso.

    1. infolab226 Post author

      Supposing that you are right, tell how are abolitionish States in USA like? Gunmen shooting everyday. Tell me how many innocent were killed for having allegedly commited crimes without any probant evidence?
      In some point you may be right death penalty abolition could motivate some but abolishing death penalty does not mean also opened gate for crimes. Jails are built for that.

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