illustration of children

It is the 3rd time in the space time of 3 months that 11 children from 13 to 17 years old have been intercepted by the police forces at Madouba in the District of Kossy bordering Mali Republic. The arrested children mainly from Kossy and Banwa districts are school boys in the greater part of number. They were going to Bamako for several reasons.

I was heading to Bamako when the policemen stopped us because i don’t have a birth certificate. I was going to visit my senior sister and also to look for job there in order to support my school fees. Said one of the underage girl.

For the police offer the arrest is explained by the fact that The children did not possess any official papers, they were not accompanied by their parents. still arguing he mentioned that: For the 1st case it was 8 underage boys,the 2nd case we intercepted 3 children. We took them all to the provincial police station and also to the provincial direction of social matters. For the Time being we are still investigating.

Many girls were going to seek money to pay for their school fees and some wanted to prepare their wedding. In order to eradicate this plague and support these underage pupils some measures are taken by authorities.

According to responsible in charge of social and children matters, this phenomenon is new. In the past they used to see non-educated boys going to Mali at the dried season to look for work,but they usually come back home at the raining season to help their parents in tilling land. But this time,it is the school boys that are leaving for Bamako. The measure that is going to be taken,is to register those children in the list of orphans or vulnerable children in order to bring them some support for their school fees. He argued.

Children might have got the agreement of their parents. Parents who ignore that children labour is wholly forbidden.

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