A Military honor for Rock Marc Christian KABORE,President of Burkina Faso. President is taking part to the yearly army officers meeting. This meeting gathers the different commanders in charge of the army direction and operations. Most of the officers have been freshly appointed. And this is an opportunity for the minister of defense to meet them.

I would like to congratulat you for your appointment,your commitment and determination to serve the nation. I always said that we definitely need today as never to build a republican army, a non-political army, a well trained army, an army that correctly assures its duties. said the Roch Marc Christian KABORE, President of the Republic and minister of defense.

Army must be guided by the Spirit of togetherness and action. It is once at this stage that it will be able to reflect the values of a republican army. And Roch Marc Christian KABORE is aware of that   And for this purpose everything will be done to support army with some equipments and its reforms.

As for your needs in equipments,in support to help you fulfill your missions, I want to insure you that we will take measures to provide you the minimum of means for your functioning within the end of year. Said the President of Burkina Faso

Rock Marc Christian KABORE in his speech didn’t Forget to mention the braveness of the battalions deployed in different peace keeping missions. He also said his thankfulness to that army that stood up beside the people during time of troubles in the country.


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