Incivility is growing in Burkina Faso and this making people being very upset. Some people don’t want to stop when the traffic lights turn red even in front of security forces. What to say about those school boys who molested their teachers during their demonstration weeks ago and happened at Nagare eastern Burkina. Nagare school boys even went far in tearing up the national pride, the flag. And as if it wasn’t enough some other school boys this time from Gounghin at 90 miles from Ouagadougou still at Eastside burnt their teachers mopeds while they were demonstrated. Days ago, incivility reached the highest point by the killing of a policeman. He was deadly hit while trying to regulate the traffic lights. The man who did it ran away.For some this situation has many sources. They think that youngsters are ill-bred. They also think that parents have dismissed from educating their children. For some it is now TV programs that is educating kids. Many think that the government has to review the education at schools that they qualified as only instruction not education.

Beside those violent demonstration, we have the hidden wrestle against security forces and local militia called Koglweogo. And this man thinks that people are not showing full respect to security and military forces like in they were in the past. The interviewed people think that this situation is stemming from the lack of justice.

Despite all those bad behaviors which intend to defy the State authority, something must be done to get people under the rules of laws. Muscles or intelligence? Only the government can decide in which way they will bring people in the right way.

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