300 officers from 20 countries mostly west African are taking part to a military exercise named WESTERN ACCORD. Burkina Faso is holding this exercise. And the president of Burkina visited the training site. Rock Marc Christian Kabore is in the military training field of Western Accord. The president came to get some briefings about the tactical measures to face a crisis that ECOWAS countries could  face. The purpose of this training is to strengthen ecowas countries forces’ capacities and their capabilities in conducting efficiently the peace keeping missions and the stability of their area.


It is important for all the armies as well for african and for our partners that we conduct sometimes this kind of military exercise which enable us to react operationally. And for that purpose, i think that this exercise is very welcome and I wish it will continue, and I wish that all the countries taking part to this training will get here the best teaching for the best organisation of their army because the ultimate goals of this training is to enable african armies to assure themselves the security of their countries. Said Roch Marc Christian KABORE

More than 20 countries are taking part to this training placed under the leadership of the US army and financed by the US government with more than 400.millions local currency. General Keneth MOORE is leading this exercise. It is the 5th meeting of this kind organised by the US army and its European and Ecowas partners. At Kamboinsin field of the military exercise the main concern is the reinforcement of the officers capacities. A dozen of burkina faso officers and 80 other officers from africa are participating to this Western Accord 2016. Burkina Faso that could halve or reduce 3 time the number of its peace keeping forces abroad and this information has been confirmed by general Pingrenoma Zagre. During his speech, he also announced that the country will send 140 gendarmes for peace keeping in Gao, Mali Republic. The cut down of the number of forces is due to the new security threats that the country is facing.


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