The atmosphere at Fada N’gourma eastern Burkina was very tight this morning. The reason is that since many days now the Koglweogo of Fada”Koglweogo is a self defense group” were demonstrating to free 10 of their fellows that have been arrested for molesting 2 shepherds. The history began when Koglweogo fellows arrested and molested 2 alleged thieves who were suspected to have committed a theft 4 years ago. They captured them and molested them from market to market. At every market day the koglweogo fellows bring the 2 guys presenting them as a trophy and beating them. Informed by people, gendarmerie proceeded to arrest the Koglweogo fellows and sent them to the prison of Fada. The day after the associations of self defense groups from almost all the nearest district came to Fada. They were willing to challenge and confront the security forces and even gave an ultimatum to free their fellows. After many hours of talks their finaly decided to go low and decided not to confront police forces but to negociate. the day after their came again with their first intention. 3 of their leaders were arrested for having conducted a state defiance and a sort insurrection and troubling peace. their were sent straightly in custody in Ouagadougou. Following these arrests some people gathered to demonstrate against the police. Earlier this morning police were obliged to use teargas to spread demonstrators. The situation seems to be under control now.


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