bel moctar

Islamic State or DAESH in north Africa, Al Qaida in west Africa and Boko Haram specifically for Nigeria are now a real threat for African countries which weren’t used to face those kind of threats. Recent bombing in Mali, Burkina and now Cote d’Ivoire recollect us how wicked and snaky these organisations can be. Since the failed insurrection in Lybia which was next turned into rebellion opposing for and against Tripoli government and also the war in north Mali, the continent is witnessing the birth of terror. We won’t talk about about how ISIS, Al Mourabitoun from Al Qaida and Boko Haram came to life. It seems obvious to anybody. ISIS, Al Qaida and Boko Haram spread rallying many gloomy groups. Groups of terror and bandits which before waved without any real purposes. Africa has it IS,EUROP,ASIA who is the next now? We must stand and cut the devil head before it bites again. What is the easy way to a woodcutter to cut down definitively the tree? Obviously it is to cut down the roots. What are the roots of IS? Oil,gas,money and smuggling. Oil,gas empower IS by giving him money for weapons. Cigaret smuggling,drogue dealing give money for weapons.Where do they by weapons? I don’t know and don’t ask me. Money is their first roots,the international forces should ask themselves to know who buys the oil produced in Iraq or Syria. Are there sea for big ship to come? I don’t know. The main way they sell oil and gas is through the road to a bordering country. Don’t ask me what country. Something is sure.They are making a bunch of money. One of the solution is to bomb to roads or stretch the patrol to the roads and even bush roads. Harass the oil network and impeach them to feed they gloomy purpose with the oil exchange. International forces can also find strategies to take control of the oil drilling places or neutralize them by throwing bombs there. That may have a serious impact on their activities. If IS cannot find money to stand for their needs,paying soldiers, nurses,fixing economic issues a feud will implode inside the empire and IS may be wiped out for a conciliatory movement. The second solution is more asymmetric which is to empower the countries in crisis and closing eyes on what they will do to fixe IS problem. Empowering Syria ,Libya and Iraq will reduce massive presence of foreign forces in the IS field. By this action you are making the enemy of your enemy a friend for the goal of getting rid of the dreadful enemy. After that you can manage softly or hardly the friend become enemy after getting down your main one.  Ways to exterminate IS are many, the recruited agents of IS in europe must be arrested and jailed. Many of the bomb attacks are perpetrated by people already filed in intelligence databases so if this is done authorities must take their responsibilities in arresting one guy before he takes many lives. If all these are done in my world there should not be any bomb attacks or suicide commandos from IS. But as i was talking about the woodcutter whom have a solution to fixe the bad trees problem by taking the roots. If the woodcutter do that for sure he is putting himself in an uncomfortable position because he could lose his job. So the better way for him to save his job is doing as if he his fixing the problem but he is just postponing the solution. I stay confident that a few numerous killers and smugglers cannot stand to all the entire world. If world power countries decide to fixe it in a very me very mere way, it will be a matter of weeks.


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