Since the crisis in north Mali west african countries particularly the french speaking countries are the target of the leader of Al Mourabitoun on blood signers in arabic Moctar bel Moctar. Everywhere the tactic is the same. 3 terrorists,kalachnikovs, grenades….

Coincidence or same modus operandi? All the operation looks like the same which has been perpetrated in Cappuccino and Splendid Hotel at Ouagadougou. 3 perpetrators assault guns, grenades and always the same Allah Akbar while shooting to death innocent people. I do remember that in one of my sample posted on infolba226 I warned Cote d’Ivoire and other country from a terrorist attack. Now no need to talk about that. the evil entered in the habitat by hopefully the military reaction was prompt and efficient. the 3 evil doers were taken out. They were eliminated. Now the question is who is the next? or Which country will be the next to be hit? I think that stricken countries must watch over their back because the shapeless snake can strike again. Spared countries Togo,Benin,Senegal,Ghana and Mauritius have to reinforce security and check points because they are not spared from this kind of attack. It seems that Moctar Bel Moctar is daring and mocking at countries in short of guess who is the next game. Countries must gathered their strenght and face this global problem. As I already said this issue has to be tackled in its roots. Poverty and illiteracy are the main sources of this problem. Discourses held in a bureau or strong condemnation cannot defeat this plague. Authorities need to get out from their bureau and ride the country trying to bring support and education where it need to be. Most of the african terrorists are illiterate and are from very poor families. Education and the good one must be given to them. Countries have to stand high and taller to defeat terrorism.


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