Mixed army and gendarmerie tactical forces  of Burkina Faso and Mali are moving to strike terrorists positions in North region.

This is not for real but it is only a simulation,and we are at Burkina and Mali’s borders at about 124 miles from Diguel to Deou in the main district of Soum. It is there that the military training is taking place since february the 22nd. Army central commandment,tactical unites, air forces,ground forces and gendarmerie tactical forces are taking part to this training named GABI.

After having collected some information on the ground,We intervene to prevent terrorist groups from striking our country. We do some intelligence reports on the terrorists activities or any other suspected activities. As you know those kind of suspects are very mobile moving from a place to another and that is complicating those sort of operation. Said Evariste SOME commander in chief of GABI.

Air and ground reconnaissance,ground patrol,check points those are the exercises of the trainees. By this training the army is willing to reinforce to security in the country and also countribute to get down banditry and insecurity in this area.

This training is made in the framework of the G5 Sahel implented by the regional authorities in order to fight against terrorists. Army also concerned with social matters. Médical kits were donated to the hospital of the district by the army.





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