donkey use for domestic activities

Donkeys in Burkina are in a very big trouble. In the past they were not threatened,not disliked and not cherished too much like horses our national pride. Formerly used in cultivation as the motor dragging the plow,nowadays they are no more much used for tilling lands. They are used in carting. In the past the highly paid for a donkey was 20.000 local currency. Now while i am writing this mayday mayday for donkeys their price in the local markets alive is 40.000 CFA. 40.000CFA for one alive donkey,yes it is at this price that burkina citizens buy each of them. Donkeys’ nightmare started when chinese saw in them a good business. Not in using them to cart nor to cultivate but exporting them straightly to China. Yes a donkey as a raw material to trade with. Donkeys Would have loved to see themselves as immigrants to China. They would have been happy to visit big China. But unfortunately,only their skins will go their. Donkeys’ skins are so businesslike,so profitable that chinese pay higher price for them. The skin is most expensive than the donkey itself. 40.000 to 50.000 and even more in local currency. At this price many are selling donkeys and some turned themselves to donkeys slaughtering specialists. 3 weeks ago police arrested 3 guys, 1 nigerian and 2 compatriots who killed 4 donkeys and were intending to kill more than 30 others in a yard at Ouagadougou district. Like those guys how many are involved in this business in entire country? Countless probably. What do chinese do with the skins? Medicines? Shoes manufacturing? Nobody really knows. Rumor has it that killing donkeys is a strategy to eliminate definitively donkeys in order to promote 3 wheels motorcycle like the one in the picture. For the time being donkeys are still serious challengers of tricycle engines. They are cheap and do not use gas like moped and 3 wheels motorcycles which cost ten time the price of donkeys . But we can say that the way that donkeys are sold and killed massively,we have worry about the future. We have to worry if we want to show to our sons real donkeys instead of pictures or going to zoo. Then what will we say if they ask us why did nothing to stop donkeys massacres? Will we tell them that we witnesses their disappearing impotently? Will we tell them we wanted to do something but we did not have the means? Authorities and animal defense organisations must stand up and help donkeys. If they don’t want to classify donkeys as endangered animals in Burkina Faso for the coming years. For my part I consider that I started mine.



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