Many taxi drivers in Ouagadougou use propane to reduce their gas consumption. They buy propane cans and by engineering combine them with the gas injection container. According to some of them,using propane considerably cut down their gas use. With 2000 gasohol they can drive the double of their usually route. And this is helping them to save money. But this businesslike is very dangerous. Started at Bobo Dioulasso this propane use spread quickly to reach many towns in Burkina. Using propane combined with gasohol is very dangerous for the passengers as well as for the driver himself. The first incident, happened a the second city of the country when a taxi using mixed propane and gasohol exploded. Fortunately the worst has been avoided. And none was injured. It is regarding this risk that can quickly occurred and the fact that many lives can be lost due to this businesslike that the Homeland Minister Simon Compaore met the taxi drivers trade-union. Order was given to them to stop using definitely propane as gas. Simon Compaore was very strict. One month,drivers have one month to convert they cars to full petrol and to conform strictly to the laws and rules. All those measures are set to avoid an accident.


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