It was a very tight situation that we found at Sapouy last Thursday afternoon. At one side policemen armed and on the alarm and waiting near the police station of Sapouy. And at the other side an army of Koglweogo,this self defense group mobilized to counter the policemen. All this stricky situation occured when Madi Kanazoe captured by the Koglweogo lost his life from torture. After having sentenced him to death, Koglweogo leaders refused to be heard by the police for the matters of investigation.

When we have been called by the police officer of the district,we went there to listen to him and to what we were reproached for. The officer told us they want to report on what happened and also certified the death of the thief we caught.we agreed and their did their report. After that police gave us an appointment for the day after. But we did not attend it. And we told them why we did not attend this meeting. Just after that the officer of the district brought his men to take us against our will to custody. They were armed,we told them that we are all members of Koglweogo group,and if they want to arrest our leaders they have to jail all of us.said one of the Koglweogo fellow.

Koglweogo is seeing this investigation on the murder of the alleged thief as a plot to arrest and sentence their leaders. For the police officer of the district of Sapouy it is only a procedure of investigation.

Firstly, i felt like a misunderstanding as far as for the leaders of Koglweogo what happened must not be reported by the police and culprits must not be jailed. In a state of right this inconceivable. Law is abiding citizens. Said the police director of the district interviewed by one of our reporter.

After negociations Koglweogo finally accepted to be heard at the police station. The traditional chief of Sapouy is calling the two sides policemen and Koglweogo to peace and dialogue.

This situation shows how dangerous can be a face to face police and self defense groups. Just one spark and everything blows up. Many villagers organised themselves to fight against banditry and many other security threats. If police authorities recognise that it is thank to Koglweogo that 3 former RSP members who perpetrated the attack of Yimdi armory were arrested. However they cannot tolerate  the exactions, tortures and sometimes murders perpetrated on alleged thieves. Authorities must handled carefully this Koglweogo matters. They can be turned into local intelligence corps, helping police in their job in countering banditry and terrorism.

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