Koglweogo a new security challenge


images An alledged thief beat to death

It is an abeyant situation that we found at Sapouy last Thursday in the afternoon. At one side policemen armed and on the alarm are waiting near the police station of Sapouy. And at the other side an army of Koglweogo,this self defense group mobilized to counter the policemen. All this sticky situation occured when Madi Kanazoe captured by the Koglweogo lost his live from tortures. After having sentenced him to death Koglweogo refused to be inquired for the matter of investigations.

When we have been called by the police for the investigation,we went there. They wanted to make certified report on the dead body,we did agree and their did it. After that police gave us a rendez-vous for the day after. We told them why we did not attend this meeting. After that the head of the police station brought his men. They…

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