Nebie Moussa in cercle

Rambo is the nickname of  NEBIE one of the officers of the dismantled RSP. he has been arrested in COTE D’IVOIRE and extradited in Burkina Faso. NEBIE MOUSSA is a ranaway since the Coup d’ETAT of September 2015. It is still fresh in our minds that Rambo was one of the former RSP who ran to  Cote d’IVoire after the failure of the coup of Djiendere. NEBIE MOUSSA has taken part to the military coup perpetrated by general Djiendere and he was one of the major pawn of king Djiendere. And those pictures taken during the coup d’Etat shows clearly how deep he is implicated.  His arrestation and extradition is a sign that through cooperation and diplomatic ways problems between COTE D’IVOIRE and BURKINA can be solved. Another former RSP soldier is a ranaway too his name is KOUSSOUBE AKA the TOUAREG. BOTH RAMBO and TOUAREG are the irreducible members of late RSP. Touareg is one to remain wanted after the capture of Rambo. After Rambo 1 uprising,rambo 2 military coup and 3 game over for Rambo we are opening the film of Touareg. So wait and see.

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