PHILIP HEUTS former Ambassador of BELGIUM

End of duty for Philip Heut. After having spent 2 years in Burkina Faso, Belgium Ambassador 65 years old is retiring. Authorities grabbed the opportunity to decorate the Ambassador of the land of Walloons and Flemish as officer of the Nation for his actions in Burkina.

The cooperation with belgium is based on 3 domains, we have the straight bilateral cooperation, cooperation through the différent districts in belgium and latestly coopération through NGOes. 22 NGOes from belgium are on Burkina ground. Says ALPHA BARRY, minister in charge of Foreign affairs.

More than 13.800.000€ is given to Burkina Faso to develop many fields as higher education, environment and also to develop culture.

We are not leaving the country forever, we will sometimes comeback to visit our friends and participate to festivals such as Fespaco, Siao we are very interested by handcrafted products,and you have also the Jazz festival. says Philip Heuts former ambassador of Belgium.

For the time being, Heuts’ household is planing to use their time to fill of love their 8 grandsons.



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