After having met the different authorities of the country world bank has now pinpointed the fields in which its 917.000.000£ of donation will go. World bank wants to build a thermic power station of 50 Megawatts in order to reduce the gap of 140 Megawatts of the national electricity company SONABEL. concerning the company of electricity a proposal of opening the sector to private companies was made.


We want to do that with PPP which stands for Public Private Partners which will allow us to have investors in solar energy domains who will produce and sell this energy to the national company of electricity. Says the representative of the World Bank

Concerning agriculture, the amount will be used in multiplying the irrigation ares and funding farmers organisations.

World Bank is also very concerned with health. It will help in affording many medical equipments to hospitals which haven’t yet those suitable equipment necessary for the work.

In this three annual aid,world bank will also invest in constructing roads and infrustructures for universities. An extra budget is also planned for Burkina in order to face urgent expenses.



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