Paul Kaba Thieba in his first show at the National Assembly

Paul Kaba Thieba in his first show at the National Assembly


Prime Minister Paul Kaba Thieba in his first address to the National Assembly. He made a global picture of the country life and his actions to be doing for achieving Rock Mark Christian Kabore campaign project which is BUILD with the People a democratic and Prosperous Burkina.

According to his speech,the economical situation of the country is not very shiny, because, more than 50 years after its independance, social and economic progress are still not enough regarding the legitim aspirations of the population and particularly youth, for health care, education, egality of chance and decent living condition. Talking about Human development performancies, the country is at the bottom row which is 183 country among 188 in 2014 according to the UNDP classification.

As more, more than 40% of people live under poverty rate wich is estimated at 153 539 local currency per year and per person accordingly to the new development agenda of the United Nation called Sustainable development Goals. Burkina Faso is really late concerning mother and child care, environment protection,women autonomization and extreme porverty reduction. The country growth is very small to eradicate poverty and social disparities. Paul Kaba Thieba also said that regarding the growth rate of these past decade from 2006-2015 which is 5.5%, the country will take 15 years to double the incomes per person. All these economic situation limit the capabilities of the country to invest.

To overcome all those challenges Prime minister is proposing his new social contract, the one of the President which will pave the way to development.

Righteousness, Responsibility and solidarity will guide this new social contract. To take up all these challenges in order to build a democratic and prosperous Burkina, we have to start working now and keep in mind that it is in committing our strengh togather that we will triumph. This triumph will only be possible if people sacrifice themselves in working hardly, struggling against the incivily, corruption and selfishness. Paul Kaba Thieba is calling all the citizens to patriotism, to the scrupulous respect of ethic and probity. All those combine with the volunteer will lead the country into the road of a sustainable and inclusive growth. 3 pilars are constituting the priority of Rock Mark government.

The first one is the institutions reforms, the modernization of the adminstration for more social justice,for more democracy, freedom and against corruption and social disparity. The 2nd pila ris the implementation of development model focused on reinforcing human assets.

The 3rd is economy structural transformation through the dynamization of the profitable sectors and private sector strengthening.

In order to build a state of right, Paul Thieba priorities will be focused on the fight against corruption, the full respect of the laws abiding citizens, efficiency of the judiciary institutions and lately the rapprochement of justice to justiciable.

In health concerns, his government will normalize 361 health centers and 61 for the current year, 33 medical centers with a surgery and 15 for this year, 2 district medical centers in 2016 and also the converting of health and social promotion centers to medical one. Hospitals and medical centers will be reinforced by suitable equipments. The government will afford 300 ambulances and 60 in 2016. Free of charge medical care concerning malaria, pre-natal care, caesarean, mother delivery, free of charge care of children from 0 to 5 years concerning malaria, diarrhea, severe respiratory infections. The government will go further in reformin the medical system and will develop strageties to maintain medical agents in the public hospitals. In the concerns of education many mesures will be taken for the coming 5 years.

310 new hight schools will be built, 45 technical and professionnal training centers, 20 professionnal colleges,286 new colleges and 13 scientific colleges and school restaurants will be created. 26 amphiteathers of 500 sits will be constructed and 10 will be ready in 2016. 24 pedagogical building, 10 for 2016. 24 laboratories so 5 for 2016. 7 libraries of 1000 sits each. A virtual library and 6 student’s residences






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