Assault against terrorists at ouaga

               3 events: Djihadists attack in north,hostages taking in Splendid Hotel and australian couple abduction in north,all in 24hours.


Friday, the 15th January will remain stained in memories. This January planted its roots deep inside our history. A black roots in a black day, a cloudy friday in this new year of 2016. Mali,Niger,Tchad terrorists are hitting everywhere in theses countries. Burkina remained safe,and was very proud to fear out of theses scary and deadly asymetrical war against terrorism. After the engagement of the country in Mali peace keeping which is still torn up by tribal and independantist war. With the MNLA( movement of free Azawad) claiming the north part of the country which almost entirely peopled by touaregs. In this cessation war MNLA was supported by AN SARDINE a terrorist organisation during this war.A war flavoured by many Djihadists attacks in the main town and suburbs. Niger and Tchad had also their meal of suicid attack sooner by Boko Haram that is decimating all the population in Nigeria,Cameroun and other or sooner by another brand of djihadist groups. All northern and saharian Africa is boiling.

Now has come the turn of Burkina Faso. The alert signal was given just after the uprising of October 2014 which has outcast Blaise COMPAORE and his gang. A gang who ruled the country during almost 30 years. Sometimes playing the savier in freeing hostages or dialoguing with Djihadists and other abducters through one the powerful consultant Moustapha Chafi the mauritanian.

The alert signals were firstly the attacks of Burkina troups in Mali then after the police station in a district bordering Mali. And ulimately the triple attack on January, the 15th and 16th. The attacks of troups were warning Burkina, telling people to get ready because they were coming.

In the morning of this day around 10AM, some unidentified individuals posted in a bush were waiting for a convoy from Tin Akof. When the vehicles reached target point they activated a bomb device and sent a rocket on a vehicle while bombarding them. Assessment made: 2 killed on the field and another from his wounded.

10 hours later, at 8PM Ouagadougou was attacked in its heart. 3 gun men certainly heped by their complices penetrated in the most frequented streets of the city mainly in Cappuchino. A famous coofee shop know from burkina citizens and also by foreigners. After having made their prayers in a mosque not far from the street, they opened fire on people killing 30 and taking in hostage more than 150. 14 hours of fight were engaged by the special forces of United States and France assisted in their job by an american drone to get rid of 3 terrorists and free the hostages. Terrorist who were killed in satursday morning around 9. The attacks of Tin Akof and the one of Cappuchino were claimed by Al Mourabitoun or blood signers which is one of the Al Quaeda brand in northern Africa.

While special forces were fighting fiercely against those tree commando terrorists. In the dawn of satursday around 4AM, the couple of australian who resides since 1972 in Djibo north side Burkina have been abducted. According to closest friends the couple used to wake up very early the morning and have breakfast. They were kidnapped by people who were well informed of their habits said the general attorney.They have also showed some resistances. Broken flashlight, their table was set for breakfast,trails of fight were noticed. All these evidences give a clue on what happened, argued the general attorney. Few hours after the kidnapping An Sardine which was one of the partnaire of MNLA in north mali conquest claimed it.

3 attacks in just 24 hours, like if we were acting in this famous movie 24 Hours Chrono. But this was very real and the salvation came not from one JACK BAUER but from mixed efforts of special forces of US, France an Burkina Faso forces to get rid of those terrorists. Who is the next now we can wonder. Cote d’ivoire,Benin,Togo? Côte d’Ivoire in its part has a great asset, Blaise COMPAORE. An asset which is at the same time a poison and a repellent against terrorists. A poison for the relationship between the neightbour Burkina Faso and a repellent for the fact that Blaise Compaore know how works the very cloud terrorist network. Multiple hostages were freed through his mediation. The heart of his system is Moustapha Chafi and the former head of the intelligence General Diendere who is now in jail for having conducted the Coup d’Etat of September 2015. Despite it,Moustapha Chafi is at the side of his boss in Cote d’Ivoire according to the latest news.

What happened in Burkina Faso shows entire world that terrorist threats is international and only efforts put together can lead to a good and clean solution. No more terrorist attack in the world. And for this, people have to fight the snaky terrorism but have to keep in mind that it is better to cut the roots than the branches. Find means to stop terrorist groups from making or having money to hire or to enlist youth is the key way to kill the snake of terrorist groups all other the world.


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