operation against terrorism

Terror in Ouagadougou. hotel Splendide assailed by terrorists. Yesterday around 8PM several unidentified undividuals opened fire on many people in a cofee shop called Cappuchino and set fire to it. Just after the attack of Cappuchino,terrorists took many people in hostage and killed 26 people from different nationalities. This attack is claimed by Al mourabitoun or blood signers that is one of the Al Quaeda brand in Africa. before the attack of the Hotel, al mourabitoun claimed another attack of police forces convoy in the North.National Army helped by FRENCH and United States special forces surrounded splendid hotel and launched the assault in the midnight. the provisory assessment is stating on 3 terrorists were killed,126 hostages have been freed and more than 33 injuries have been registered . Around 10 AM this morning, the situation was under control and army started to patrol the operation area. President Roch Mark Christian KABORE was in the operation field with his minister in charge of security and territorial administration. President addresses all his encouragements to the special forces and army. He calls the population to tell on any suspect individual and activity. President tells people that mesures will be taken to ensure the security of all the citizens and this attack that he qualified to be a cowardness will not break the determination of Burkina Faso to fight against terrorism. Roch Mark KABORE wishes a good recovering to the injuries.


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