President of Faso first address after his inauguration


Fighting countrymen and countrywomen of Burkina Faso.

The solemnity of this ceremony wrapped with the feelings, makes each of us direct actors either previleged witnesses or both of this glorious page of history that we are writing now.

Allow me at the beginning of my speech to express my gratitude and also the one of the citizens to all the eminent personalities whom by their being here enhance the brightness of this ceremony.

At this moment when our brave people are closing the parentheses of the transition and are moving indeed in a state of right in order to warrant a righteous governance of the state. I would like first of all to pay a worthy tribute to them. To all the valiant countrymen and countrywomen of our dear nation, fearless fighters of freedom, democracy and justice, who paid by their lives, those past years namely during the uprising of October the 30th and 31st 2014 and also during the the military coup of September the 16th and 17th,to you, the Nation is thankful.

Their blood shed has contributed to build up the destiny of Burkina Faso and save the country from troubles in which some unkind people wanted to lead it to. That is why,before any words else, i invite you to tribute the memories of these heroes dead in the battlefield for the sake and the dignity of the fatherland by observing a pious moment of silence…. Thank you.

To all those who suffered or who are still suffering in their flesh, i renew you all my solidarity and wish you a good recovering.

For my part, I take here the commitment to install a social and productive dialogue with all the citizens in order to break together the bounds of misery and construct in tolerance and republican discipline a strong nation,dignified and respected.

This means and imposes that dear countrymen and countrywomen we recognise to the state its place and its important role in the conduction of the state affairs,its authority,all its authority in the harmonious and regular running of the republican institutions with the purpose of insurring a good governance for the sake of the compatriots.

This requires from all of us that we know from now on, how to contend our personal selfishness, ban our useless quarrels,fight against intolerance and the crawling incivility to build together an alliance of progress which could bear our development ambition for the country.

My campaign project which is << build with the people, a Burkina Faso of democracy, economic and social progress, freedom and juctice>> has become by the people blessings, the project of the president of all Burkina citizens, who is aspiring to quench this thirst of justice, transparency,democracy and fairly shared prosperity as needed by all the nation.

National reconciliation will be the base, peace will motor,truth,justice and transparency the essential fuels which will help us build together sustainably a nation,proud,prosperous and upright.



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