For the first time 3 military forces from 3 different countries are joining their strength to strike the terrorists’ positions located at Mali and Burkina Faso borders. This special operation is name Panga in a local language of Burkina meaning strength in English. Burkina and Mali armies supported by Barkhane forces were engaged in this odyssey against terrorists. This tripartite operation Panga is conceived to trap and take alive if possible terrorists and criminals who are squatting at the borders. Burkina army engaged 3 military companies strong of 580 men spread among companies Lion, Tiger and Touba. Those men got the support of an additional force from GFAT the anti-terrorists forces grouping based at Djibo and Nassoumbou.

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The first cohort of battalion Lafi 8th is back home. After having spent 13 months at Darfur North Sudan in peace keeping mission, those men and women wearing their united nation blue berets are definitively back to their native land. Welcomed by the military hierarchy, those 182 men are part of the last burkinabè soldiers operating in Darfur.


col-maj SERE Yaya

The battalion is back home forever; no troops will be sending there to replace them. But we’re going to keep some to form the police unit that will stay there in support of the UN team. Said the colonel major Sere Yaya. According to him, the hierarchy is very proud of the mission fulfilled by the battalion Lafi 8th, a battalion strong of 800 men. A mission, a commitment, of Burkina troops which definitive come back will leaving the people of Darfur with sorrows.


Didier BAMOUNI Battallion Lafi 8 deputy commander 

As the very last burkinabè battalion in Darfur, when we’re leaving people of Darfur were not very happy. Said Didier BAMOUNI deputy commander of battalion Lafi 8th

Meanwhile, people are waiting for the rest of the troop, the staff sergeant Nikiema Angele and caporal Some Narcisse said to be happy for coming home safe and in good shape. The last flight to home of Battalion Lafi 8th is expected on July the 22nd.

Canadians residing in Burkina Faso celebrated on June the 27th the 150 anniversary of their country. They gathered as one at the Embassy to commemorate together this special day of their nation. Friends of Canada were also invited to join the celebration. Burkina and Canada tied a very close friendship for 55 years now. Canada is funding many development project in Burkina Faso in many fields such as education, health, good governance and so on. The country contributes also to the implementation of the PNDES the National Plan for Economic and Social Growth of Burkina.

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It is 6.35 PM at Kossyam the presidential palace, the muezzin is calling the prayer. It is time to break the fast. Muslims, Catholics and evangelists leaders and President Roch marc Christian Kabore gathered to share the meal together. This meeting of different religious communities is an initiative of Kossyam personnel.

The communion of this evening here at Kossyam shows clearly the kind of Burkina Faso we Muslims in communion with all the other believers want today, tomorrow and forever for our current and future generation. Mr. President Thank you for having accepted to share with us in family. It is something that is very new in our country starting from Upper Volta to Burkina Faso. Said the Muslims’ community spokesman.

Roch Marc Christian Kabore mentioned the happiness of sharing with the Muslim community before wishing to receive all the blessings. President Kabore magnified also the inter-religious dialogue and recalled the imperial necessity of social cohesion in Burkina Faso.

I am very happy to break the fast with muslims but also I am happy to notice the presence of his eminency the cardinal Ouedraogo and Pastor Samuel Yameogo. And this is a witness that the inter-religious dialogue is a reality in Burkina Faso. It is a reality and the cardinal just quoted it. At the highest level of our religious communities, leaders are meeting, discussing on issues. As I use to say in Burkina Faso either we are Muslim or catholic, protestant nor believer of a traditional religion we met every day together for happy and sad events. I would like to congratulate this general availability and the mutual respect of our respective religions. I think that this is an important asset for us. Said Rock Marc Christian Kabore.

The President of Faso also congratulated the work done by Muslims’ community to fight against religious intolerance. Roc March Christian Kabore calls the community to keep on doing this work because for him Burkina Faso will be built only if real fraternity reigns over different religious communities.