For the first time 3 military forces from 3 different countries are joining their strength to strike the terrorists’ positions located at Mali and Burkina Faso borders. This special operation is name Panga in a local language of Burkina meaning strength in English. Burkina and Mali armies supported by Barkhane forces were engaged in this odyssey against terrorists. This tripartite operation Panga is conceived to trap and take alive if possible terrorists and criminals who are squatting at the borders. Burkina army engaged 3 military companies strong of 580 men spread among companies Lion, Tiger and Touba. Those men got the support of an additional force from GFAT the anti-terrorists forces grouping based at Djibo and Nassoumbou.

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Few hours after the double attacks conducted by 2 groups of 8 terrorists on the French Embassy and the military headquarter at Ouagadougou, the attorney general of Ouagadougou Maiza Sereme gives more details on this deadly killings of last Friday, March the 2nd. 8 servicemen fell during the battle, 8 terrorists neutralized, 85 injuries civilians and militaries and heavy material damage that is the assessment of this double attack. The investigation carried out following this attack is showing some results: The attack on the French Embassy started at 10H 01 when a personal car light-grey colored pulled over at the embassy eastside entry doors. 3 individuals got out from the car with assault weapons and started shooting on the security guard who was guarding the place. A 4th passenger of the car joined the 3 persons after setting fire on their car. They continued their assault by shooting on the building windows and looking for entries. During their attack they met an unarmed gendarme who was leaving the consulate. This one was mortally hit by a bullet and he died few hours later at the hospital. Incapable to 4 terrorist got in the yard nearby the embassy by the Southside. Thanks to the quick intervention of Burkina Faso and French Special Forces the terrorists were killed. Concerning the attack on the military headquarter, investigations revealed the same modus operandi. Affirmed Maiza Sereme the attorney general. For the time being the identities of the terrorists are not yet unveiled, Maiza Sereme added that the 8 terrorists operated in uncovered faces and wearing civilian dress. Assaulters were carried bottle containing some inflammable liquids and other which nature needs to be discovered. More than 60 persons were heard in the framework of the investigation, 8 people held in custody all of them are Burkina citizens. 3 servicemen of which one a dismissed military were in custody. According to the attorney general, some of them were arrested in the vicinities of the headquarter. They may be culprits or innocent, investigation will reveal more details. The investigation is still going on and the attorney general is calling people to give testimonies in case they have witness some thing.


December the 31st 2017, operation field of the detachment of the 25th commando parachutist regiment,  Deou, Sahel region at few steps to Mali. The soldiers of the combat outpost position of Deou received the visit of the minister in charge of Defense accompanied by the military hierarchy. After visiting the men posted at Deou, the minister Jean Claude Bouda continued his tour to the advanced military positions located at the borders. Oursy, Markoye, Gorom Gorom are the places visited by the ministerial delegation. Everywhere a strong speech is delivered to the servicemen and women risking their lives in fighting for the homeland against evildoers.

<<We know that you’re doing sacrifices in fighting against terrorists and preventing them to invade our country. Elsewhere it is not like this, there terrorists have overwhelmed some parts of that country setting their sanctuaries. But here, we notice with satisfaction that despite the sudden attacks perpetrated in the country sometimes killing innocent civilians, despite it, terrorists weren’t able to set the their sanctums here in Burkina Faso because you didn’t leave them any faintest parcel of our country>>. Said the minister of Defense

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Colonel Auguste Denise  Barry arrested by gendarmerie forces for plotting against Kabore’s regime.

Auguste Denise Barry was a former minister of security under the transition and close friend of Isaac Yacouba ZIDA former prime minister of burkina faso after the popular uprising. The arrested colonel is also the executive manager of the strategical Studies in Defense and Secutity Center. He is also known for having taken part actively in the dismantlement of  RSP the former powerful presidential security regiment under Blaise Compaore. For the time being, there is not further information about this arrestation. Some more news will come next.

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By a rifle shot the prime minister announces the opening of the hunting season of 2017 to 2018 and any visitors. In this current season, the emphasis is put on the development of the local tourism in the protected zones of the country:
We’ve more the 500 recreational hunters and 5000 tourists who visit our parks every year. It is a potential, a wealth that we have in our country and we should take care of it. That is why, as government we are working to clean up the sector and develop it for new ambitions. Said Prime Minister Paul Kaba Thieba.

Burkina Faso has 77 protected areas of which 28 reserved for wildlife. The minister in charge of this sector calls all the stakeholders to get involve in protecting wildlife areas.
Today if we talk about tourism it means that there is a potentiality that people want to see. so we must work together in synergy the ministry in charge of the wildlife and tourism to see how we’re going to valorize and preserve the sector. Said the minister in charge of environment.
For the dealers, the challenge for them is now the fight against poachers. And for that many young rangers have been train to fight against poaching. Early in the morning, prime minister and his delegation visited the Red buffalo camp. this camp was destroyed by protesters last april.

The first cohort of battalion Lafi 8th is back home. After having spent 13 months at Darfur North Sudan in peace keeping mission, those men and women wearing their united nation blue berets are definitively back to their native land. Welcomed by the military hierarchy, those 182 men are part of the last burkinabè soldiers operating in Darfur.


col-maj SERE Yaya

The battalion is back home forever; no troops will be sending there to replace them. But we’re going to keep some to form the police unit that will stay there in support of the UN team. Said the colonel major Sere Yaya. According to him, the hierarchy is very proud of the mission fulfilled by the battalion Lafi 8th, a battalion strong of 800 men. A mission, a commitment, of Burkina troops which definitive come back will leaving the people of Darfur with sorrows.


Didier BAMOUNI Battallion Lafi 8 deputy commander 

As the very last burkinabè battalion in Darfur, when we’re leaving people of Darfur were not very happy. Said Didier BAMOUNI deputy commander of battalion Lafi 8th

Meanwhile, people are waiting for the rest of the troop, the staff sergeant Nikiema Angele and caporal Some Narcisse said to be happy for coming home safe and in good shape. The last flight to home of Battalion Lafi 8th is expected on July the 22nd.